Friday, January 20, 2023

Spur Virtual Academy: Information about homeschooling

 Hi there, homeschool parents! I am the K-5 teacher for Spur Virtual Academy, and I just wanted to share some information for any families looking to try homeschooling or online school.

Spur Virtual Academy is Fremont County School District 25's FREE and official K-12 homeschool and online school program. It's free to you, just like regular school is free to our students, because your kiddos would be registered students for our district.
As their teacher, I monitor their work, provide feedback to keep them on par with grade level expectations, be sure they come in for state testing, and support parents in their homeschool or online school endeavors. Your kiddos will be homeschooled by you, with the benefits and support of being a registered district student under a certified teacher. 🙂
They can even participate in all school sports, clubs, and activities... Our high schoolers can even join the Choir... sing in the concerts, or Band... march in the parades, be in the halftime show for home football games.... go to PROM!
We are here to support parents too! We are right around the corner for in-person tutoring sessions, and only a text or a zoom chat away, whenever you or your student gets stuck and needs help. 🙂

Now is the perfect time to try us out! Use this last half of the school year to see how our program can work for your family, and help your homeschool dreams come true. 🙂
If you’ve been thinking about homeschooling or online schooling, give us a call. We can help you the whole way. Your student's work will be monitored and graded by certified teachers, so you will always know how they're really doing when compared to other students their age. They take the WYTOPPS each year and will graduate from a fully accredited program, good for any college or even military enlistment, too. 🙂

K-5 students: Mrs. Spradlin @ 307-463-1535
6-12th students: Mr. Taylor @ 307-856-9192

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