Thursday, March 23, 2023

Next Level Gymnastics: "Egg My Yard" Fundraiser

Surprise the kiddos Easter Morning with a yard full of Eggs!

Stuffed eggs will be scattered throughout the front yard.
** 15 mile radius from Main st/Federal Blvd in Riverton. Extra fee $4 per extra 5 miles. Fort Washakie & Lander upon request. **

All proceeds go to Next Level Gymnastics Regionals Fundraising Trip.

Order by completing the Google Form:

Forms are Due on or before 5:00pm April 1,2023. No Late orders will be processed!

Cash, Checks & Money Orders (payable to Sarah Hutchison) must be received by April 1,2023
Venmo: sarah-hutchison-1 ( last 4: 6442)

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Newsletter: Red Roof Meat Company - 3-20-2023 Calving Season



Calving season is here.  So, too, is lambing.  We always plan for 1 April to kick off the annual event.  This is a little later than is usual around here, but we figured it would be more in synch with spring, enabling the cows and ewes to take advantage of the emerging green grass.  So far, it ain’t working out so well this year.  Most of our pastures are still under deep snow.

Now, we have 10 days until the first of April, which might yet find us in good shape…if the sun and wind do their part in removing the snow.  But then, blast!…last spring all our momma cows went to visit the neighbor’s bull for fun and games and, well, we don’t know exactly when the calving starts.  Right now, it’s a horse race; will the grass emerge before the calving begins?  We don’t know for sure, but what is glaringly obvious is we have no Plan B for this kind of weather.  And this kind of weather is, while rare here in the Wind River Basin, still part of the Wyoming experience.  What on earth do those real ranchers do with their giant herds?  

Last month my Grandson and I were studying the last Ice Age which ended some 12,000 years ago, and one thing I took away from all that reading.  Historically, global warming is a lot easier on the human race than global cooling.  I’d say so!  I’ve never gone through a winter like this and I hope to never again.  There is a lot to love about this state, the climate is not one of them. Particularly, if you’re a calf newly deposited on some pile of slush and snow.  Poor darlings.




Dear Herdshare Owners,

Just a few things:


I will not be at the Riverton or Lander Farmers Market this week.

For the Riverton folks please schedule a time with me to collect your order on Saturday the 25th(at Fremont Local Market).

For the Lander folks I will have someone deliver to the Lander farmers market from 1 to 3 pm at the VFW on Saturday the 25th


Please see the attachment for this week’s newsletter.


NOTE* We are now on Facebook!!

Please like and follow us at Red Roof Meat Company!


Our farm has been very fortunate to attract a number of wonderful customers who share the same vision as us in terms of values…not simply value. We also recognize that this market relationship is not for everybody. If that’s the case with you, please let us know. We’ll be happy to buy back your share and reimburse your five dollars – or even a pound of ground beef if you prefer – and take you off our email list.



Available at Fremont Local Market (Open 10-5 Tuesday through Saturday)

524 E. Main St. in Riverton – The old Flea Market Building

Ground Beef $7/lb

Chuck Roast $10.25/lb

Cube Steak $9.75/lb

Sourdough Starter Kits $20

JalapeƱo Garlands $5

Assorted Packages of Dog Treats $5 - $15



Below is our current inventory of meat and produce. If you would like to place an order to hold for pick up at your local farmers market, please give us a shout here.




· Ribeye Steak – Out of Stock

· T-bone Steak – Out of Stock

· New York Strip Steak – Out of Stock

· Tenderloin – Out of Stock


· Sirloin Tip Steak 

· Top Sirloin Steak 

· Flank Steak – Out of Stock

· Skirt Steak 

· Flap Steak 

· Tri Tip Steak 


· Top Round Steak

· Tenderized Top Round Steak

· Cube Steak

· Brisket 

· Chuck Roast

· Cross Rib Roast - Out of Stock

· Arm Roast 

· Tri-Tip Roast

· Rump Roast 

· Sirloin Tip Roast

· Korean Style Ribs – Out of Stock

· Liver - Out of Stock


· Ground Beef (1 or 2 lb packages)

· Stew Meat 

· Tongue - Out of Stock


· Beef Shanks 

· Suet

· Kidney – Limited Stock (2 left)

· Oxtail – Out of Stock


· Marrow Bones – Out of Stock

· Knuckle Bones 

· Neck Soup Bones 


Beef Products

Half-pint Jar of Beef Tallow - $8.00

Pint jar - $14.00


** Next beef processing appointment is 4 April. Meat expected to return 4 weeks after that date.





· Lamb Loin Chops (2 chops per package) - Out of Stock

· Mutton Loin Chops (2 chops per package)


· Lamb Shoulder Steaks - Out of Stock

· Mutton Shoulder Steaks 


· Leg of Lamb Roast - Out of Stock

· Leg of Mutton Roast - Out of Stock

· Neck Roast - Limited Stock (1 left)

· Shoulder Roast - Out of Stock


· Breast of Lamb - Out of Stock

· Lamb Stew Meat – Out of Stock

· Ground Lamb - Out of Stock

· Shanks - Out of Stock

· Ground Mutton 


· Liver – Out of Stock


· Kidney - Out of Stock

· Heart - Out of Stock

· Tongue - Out of Stock


** Working on getting lamb processing dates soon. Will keep you updated.





** Please let me know if you are interested in chicken for the 2023 season. 



     Extra Large (57-64 grams) Dozen - $5.00

      Jumbo (65+ grams) Dozen - $6.00



All limited stock item sales will be on first come/first serve basis

If you would like to place an order, please let me know what market (Riverton or Lander) you would like to pick up from.

Give me a call at 307-240-1624 for questions or to plan a farm tour.



Morgan Doyle